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Spreading our wings wider we observed the need of our services across the country from which we choose 2 places Bhopal and Lucknow to serve the needy.


We are well aware of the catastrophic Bhopal gas tragedy and its after effects. The tragedy caused a high ratio of disability in society, with the aim to serve the disadvantaged stepped into Bhopal City.
The Bhopal branch was inaugurated in the year 2017 with high motivation and zeal to reach out to every PDA’s (Persons with Different Abilities). Our branch caters to multiple handicapped and underprivileged women. The center is located in a lush green environment and spread across 3000 square feet area, where we provide services such as prevocational training, different kind of therapies and job-oriented training with job opportunities to the underprivileged women through our “SWANAMA PROJECT”.
Our team consist of professional and experienced therapists, expert and result oriented trainers, well known socialists as mentors and a set of passionate volunteers.
Currently we are accommodating approximately 100 beneficiaries in Bhopal branch and our doors are always open to many more.

Tulip 345, Ruchi Lifescape, Jatkhedi,
Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh – 462047,
Ph.: 0755-4259379,


The plan to open a branch in Lucknow came due to the necessity of jobs for underprivileged women who are very creative, talented and hardworking. CPAI Lucknow branch began in 2018, where the PDA’s and women of weaker section of society could be brought under one roof, to be trained and become self-sufficient.
Currently our focus is on upliftment of underprivileged women through the Swanama project in Lucknow branch and are obliged to pursue our main objective in Lucknow with determination. We are starting all the necessary and related training and therapy facilities for the PDAs with enthusiasm in the near future.
We have trained and provided a platform for 120 women who are currently in the capacity of earning for their daily needs and they are now budding entrepreneurs. These women are naturally talented in Embroidery, Stitching, Making Thread Jewelry, Knitting, craft work etc. During the lockdown these women supported their families financially through SWANAMA PROJECT.

Sarain Mali Khan, Chaupatiyan Road, Chowk,
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh – 226003.
Ph. 9450642359

Our Milestones

Our belief in a better and brighter future for PDA’s
have achieved some interesting milestones touching people’s lives.

3 million+ children helped

25+ years of service

198 community centers

72 countries