Swanama Project

Swanama is a Women Empowerment initiative.

Empowering Women

Swanama is a Women Empowerment initiative. Here we have been able to help many needy women and girl PDA’s, trained them in different life skills and they are now self-sufficient and many of them are working as mini entrepreneurs.

Swanama was started in 2017, and today it has reached out to Manjusha Singh – 9029882662 underprivileged women and made them independent. Women are trained in life skill learning and work assignments like bag stitching, chocolate making, mask stitching, crochet, and other handicrafts. We source work to them continuously and they come and work at our centres or take work home.

Since we train women on earning a livelihood, many women who benefited from this project have encouraged several other needy women from their neighbourhood to join this program. This has also increased penetration in the nearby communities.

Swanama has proved to be especially useful during the COVID lockdown, where several earning members were rendered jobless. We recognised this challenge and helped the women to make masks, PPE kits, and other safety and hygiene products to earn a livelihood while supporting the pandemic effort.